Rolen’s Honey Bees has been dedicated to the rescue and preservation of honey bees, especially in Ellis County, since 2014. Our services include swarm removal, help with live removal services, and leasing hives to help land owners qualify for an Ag Value to help save on property taxes.   We produce authentic, raw, pure,  local honey and are registered with the Texas Beekeepers Association as Real Texas Beekeepers producing Real Texas Honey.

We are proud to partner with Ann’s Health Food Market in Waxahachie to make our Real Texas Honey available, as well as the the Waxahachie Downtown Farmers market from April through October, the Doves Nest, Wild Thyme Herb Shop and Vita Coffeehouse.

If you need help with honey bees, or if you are looking for local raw honey,  please contact us at beekeeper@rolenshoneybees.com.